About NeuroEnergy

Neural Signaling


NeuroEnergy refers to the relationship of the brain to the energetic aspect of the human body and how this aspect is influenced by internal and external forces. Forces such as the body’s movement; the air we breathe; the food we eat; the people we interact with; weather conditions, and environmental surroundings all affect the body’s nervous system. A  general theory of vibrations is that all materials oscillate in the same way that celestial bodies swing around their orbit in a position of equilibrium.  A coherent brainwave state occurs when internal and external forces acting on the body are balanced.


In the Micro Cosmic Orbit video, Mantak Chia explains the interconnection between internal life energies and external energies of the universe.


Wikipedia explains that in 1969 James Lovelock named the earth Gaia. He said the earth is a dynamic, self-regulating homeostatic system with an atmosphere that is the product of the life processes of organisms and an extension of a living system designed to maintain an optimal environment for its own support. Named after the physicist, Robert Schumann, Schumann resonances range from 3 to 60 Hz. The lowest-frequency and highest-intensity mode of the Schumann resonance occur at a frequency of approximately 7.83.

In meditative states, brainwaves lower to alpha and theta low frequencies, which are between 2 and 8 Hz. If the frequency range is predominantly 7.83 Hz in high theta, we are in harmony with the Schumann resonance, a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth.

Michael Leone, Qigong master at Zen Wellness in Hawaii explains that “Your life force energy circulates through your body, activating each cell. As you feel your life force energy, your mind connects to the present moment and you slip into total relaxation and calmness.”

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