Torpedo Factory Art Center

Brain to Computer Interfacing (BCI) for Well-Being

Paras Kaul gave a presentation about her current work with neurofeedback and music as part of the Healing Arts Ensemble at George Mason University. She is a Volunteer Research Associate for the Music and Well-Being Program at the university. She also discussed how to train your brain using neurofeedback to determine the brain wave state you are in; how EEG is used in (BCI) systems, and the relationship between EEG analysis and brain wave states. She demonstrated a new, cost efficient neurofeedback device that uses Arduino technology, which will soon be available to the public. As a follow-up to last year’s presentation on Raspberry Pi technology used for teaching Boolean girls how to program animation, she presented new technology in development for kids to learn about robotics.

The DC SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) has partnered with the Torpedo Factory Art Center to feature presentations related to  technology and new media. Stay tuned for information related to future brain wave presentations at the Torpedo Factory through DC SIGGRAPH.

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