Lotus on Brainwaves


Lotus on Brainwaves is a brainwave interactive music composition with a brainwave interactive  animation. The composition was designed for real time performance in collaboration with the EdgeEnsemble, under direction of contemporary music composer, Steve Antosca.

Movement and colors of the lotus symbolize brainwave states, beginning with a red lotus with awkward motion and rough water and moving toward a white lotus with smooth motion and calm water which symbolize a calm brainwave state. In real time the red lotus appears when the brain is predominantly signaling Beta frequencies.


The brain in predominantly Alpha frequencies interactively triggers the white lotus on calm water. The underlying audio track was brainwave generated and produced with the use of the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA). In live performance, Kaul uses her brain to interact with the music and video for the final edit of the composition, which demonstrates
her concept of brainwave morphing.

Her brainwave music is generated directly from the brain, input to hardware or software MIDI instruments, and edited as music compositions, which are intended to demonstrate that the brain produces fast-moving, chaotic sound when producing predominantly beta frequencies and slower, ambient sound when signaling in predominantly low frequencies. Brainwave Morphing, her brainwave music album takes the listener through a series of tracks composed from a variety of brainwave states.

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