Brainwave Gaming

The Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer for Gaming

Paras Kaul utiizes the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA) to develop prototypes for brainwave games, which she has introduced at national and internation conferences. IBVA is a brainwave interactive biofeedback interface system for the computer. Using IBVA and applications in Apple Inc.’s OS X operating system, three-dimensional gaming environments can be developed that facilitate neurological learning and healing.

Brain Technology and Multimedia

Neurological game design combines multimedia with brainwave data to accelerate learning by training the brain to function with coherent, low frequency neural activity, thus expanding perception and activating capabilities, such as nonverbal communication and self-healing. Interaction with the gaming environment is by brainwaves, which are used to control the motion of 3-D digital objects and sound in three-dimensional space.

Masahiro Kahata is the developer of this version of IBVA

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