Global Synchronized Meditation

Wellness in a broader context than for the individual extends to healing the planet. Group meditation potentially decreases stress in the collective consciousness of a community by synchronizing alpha and theta brainwaves throughout the group. Deepak Chopra suggests that global meditations are major events in history.

Track 5 Brain On Om

Meditation Appears to Cause Changes in Brain’s Gray Matter

US News: Health Day News

The meditation group participants spent an average of 27 minutes a day doing mindfulness meditation exercises. The MRI scans taken after the eight-week program revealed increased gray matter density in the hippocampus (important for learning and memory) and in structures associated with compassion and self-awareness.
University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness …

The Brain Trainers

by Dan Hurley Neuroscience Reporter

Unlike traditional tutoring services that seek to help students master a subject, brain training purports to enhance comprehension and the ability to analyze and mentally manipulate concepts, images, sounds and instructions. In a word, it seeks to make students smarter.

Brainwave Wellness Network Map

Brain Matters

Paras Kaul has presented brainwave interactive multimedia at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage; Corcoran Gallery of Art; London’s Dana Centre Museum of Science; Walker Art Center; the American Film Institute; Los Angeles, and Convention Centers in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Boston. She explains that her reason for doing performances is to call attention to brain matters.

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