Brainwave Morphing Process

Paras Kaul combines multimedia, mindfulness training, and neurofeedback into a practice she calls brainwave morphing. The practice is intended to lower brainwave frequencies and stimulate the coherence of brainwave activity. She suggests that brainwave morphing helps to focus attention and control unwanted habits, such as smoking and over-eating. The process also helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Combining brainwave morphing with Eastern practices, such as Qigong and Meditation accelerates overall body/mind wellness and develops an increased ability to self-regulate brainwave states for optimal performance, rejuvenation, and rehabilitation.

Brainwave morphing to optimal brainwave frequencies stimulates good health in the physical body and produces a feeling of wellness in mind and body. Using interactive brainwave technology and multimedia, accelerates the mind’s ability to train the brain exponentially. Mindful practices, such as Qigong lower brainwave frequencies, which stimulates the flow of energy in the body.

Brainwave switches are created which enable a user to animate digital objects and audio tracks with the mindful control of frequencies of neural signaling between the frequency domains of beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

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