• Brainwave Morphing Process Brain Waves Morph After Qigong

    Brainwave Morphing lowers predominant brainwave frequencies to alpha and theta Hz and stimulates the coherence of brainwave activity between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Qigong practice lowers brainwave frequencies to predominantly alpha and theta Hz and increases coherence between the left and right hemispheres. Combining brainwave morphing with Eastern practices, such as Qigong and meditation accelerates overall body/mind wellness, which facilitates an increased ability to self-regulate brainwave states for optimal performance, rejuvenation, and rehabilitation.

  • John C Lilly, Neuroscientist, MD John lilly and dolphins

    John Lilly pioneered research in dolphin communications and founded the Human Dolphin Foundation in California. He introduced the sophisticated structure …

  • Samadhi Tanks Samadhi Flotation Tank

    History of the Tank
    From the website by: 2013 Samadhi Tank Co. Inc.
    14204 Beyers Lane, Grass Valley, Ca 95949 USA

    Does the …

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