Brainwave Music Album

Original tracks on the Brainwave Morphing Virtual Album by Paras Kaul are brainwave-generated music compositions with voiceovers in some of the compositions. Alyson Krayer is the drummer on the PeaceStreams track. These audio tracks were composed  as a virtual music album that addresses life changes with transformations that lead us from chaos and stress to peace and calmness. In a broader sense the transformation refers to the transition that occurs as war evolves to peace. On an individual level, the album suggests the personal transformation that occurs when we calm chaotic brainwaves to low frequency alpha and theta coherent brainwaves.

Brainwave Morphing Album CoverThe “Brain On Om” concludes the album, ending with low frequency, coherent brainwave music. Before producing the brainwave music for the album, Kaul spent two days fasting and meditating in order to focus her attention and basically tune her brainwave activity to frequencies she felt were ideal for the compositions. Though Kaul has no formal background in music, she has studied music composition and produced brainwave music with well-known composers,  Steve Antosca and Mark Applebaum. More recently she has studied with Glenn E. Smith and adds brainwave music accompaniment to students who play quartz, crystal singing bowls and drums in the George Mason University Healing Arts Ensemble directed by Dr. Smith.

NOTE: Please allow a brief amount of time for the album to download.

  1. MidStreamSwimming
  2. Morphing
  3. PeaceNotWar
  4. PeaceStreams
  5. BrainOnOM

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